At the start of this year, I sat down and wrote out a bunch of goals for myself. Not resolutions, because resolutions seem to carry the rather contradictory implication that you’ve no intention of actually doing any of these things. But rather, goals to be achieved by the end of the year.

As it turned out, these were wildly over ambitious and made some rather unrealistic assumptions about my abilities, both as a writer and as the type of human who can form new habits and continue to work on doing those things even when one doesn’t feel like it. Sad trombone.

So, as we’ve, in theory, left winter behind and are heading into spring (BTW, it’s 26 degrees out and there’s snow on the ground right now, so, screw you, THIRD winter! UGH!), it’s time to refocus. Time to adjust the goals to something more realistic, and work on implementing those changes to the plan.

So, new 2018 goals:

-          Instead of 12 books this year, put out 4. That’s still one every two months, but it’s more attainable.

-          Keep up with the blog schedule – look for a new post every Tuesday, rain or shine

-          Build my author platform – the broader social media presence that will surround my little booky world.

To that last idea – Over on the Contacts Page, I’ve got links to all my social medias. I’m also thinking about possibly adding a YouTube Channel. I’ve got at least one video blog, or “vlog” as the kids like to say, idea in mind, so that may be coming down the line soon.

A new day awaits.