It’s Labor Day weekend. I’ve been thinking about work quite a bit lately, and mostly within the context of work I am doing, vs. work I want to be doing.

 I started out so good. I was so disciplined. I was up at 5 a.m. every day. I posted all the social media posts. I updated my blog. I even got a short story out and up for sale on Amazon.

 And then I fizzled.

 If I tried, I couldn’t tell you what they are now, but I let things get in the way of doing the work I wanted to be doing. It wasn’t until I came back from vacation and fully submerged into the “don’t wanna be here” post-vacation funk that usually sets in by about 10:30 a.m. on the first day back in the office that I really became aware of the fact that I had been working, actively, on not being there for the long term, and I’d let all that work I’d done go. I had pretty much stopped writing. Sure, I’d puttered around with a few ideas that were threatening to be something, but then ended up as more incomplete files on my hard drive.

 It’s easy to get caught up in regret. The time I spent doing nothing but watching Netflix and playing games on my phone looks so valuable in the rearview. But spending more time lamenting my wasted days doesn’t seem practical, either. To paraphrase Jimmy Buffett, breathe in, breathe out, move on.

 So, as I sit here, on this unseasonably cool September evening, I’m feeling re-energized. I spent some time tonight thinking about what I can do to get back on track, and where I want to go moving forward. I’ve got some ideas I’m excited about, including a more useful social media presence, more stories, a podcast, and some other goodies I’ll unveil as the time comes around.

 In the meantime, I hope you chase your rainbows. I hope you stick with it, whatever “it” may be for you.

 Stay thirsty, my friends.