The Difference Between Working and Faffing About and an Announcement

There are two types of work one can do. There’s actual work, and then there’s faffing about. Working is fairly easily defined. It’s doing the task or tasks needed to accomplish a goal.

Faffing about is a little more difficult, both to define and to identify. Faffing is doing all the tasks that feel like working, but, in reality, are not. They’re just wasting time. Faffing includes, but is not limited to: Setting up your workspace that’s already been setup, making to do lists that you’ve no actual intention of getting through, scrolling through Pinterest for “inspiration,” “networking” on social media, and spiraling down a rabbit hole of information and finding yourself on a page about wolf spiders when you started out looking for information on South Carolina (The only State that has a State Spider, the Carolina Wolf Spider).

This past weekend was all about faffing about. I napped. I watched movies. I went to a Wizarding themed dinner show. The only thing I did which could charitably be considered work would be some beta reading for an author friend. For those unfamiliar with the term, beta reading is basically critique after an author has produced a couple drafts and is getting ready to publish. Beta readers go through, see what works, what doesn’t, and give feedback. I do count this as work because it’s useful to see how other writers write. It also helps me identify issues so that I can be on the look-out for them in my own work.

Blog writing falls somewhere in between work and faffing about. Yes, it updates the website which promotes traffic which helps build interest and yada yada yada. It doesn’t actually get anything like a book, which why we’re all here, after all, any closer to market.

To that end, it’s time to set a renewed goal. Here comes the promised announcement:

The Inhabitant, my debut novel, will be published for Kindle on June 2, 2018. Watch this space.

The Inhabitant - eBook.jpg